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apps always require bucket in sysconfig
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relcool update relcool
relcool.config start eval on boot



Modify ./config/sys.config.

  {mmmbot, [{host, "<IRC HOST>"},
            {port, <IRC PORT>},
            {nickname, "mmmbot"},
            {channel, "<CHANNEL>"}]},

  {mmmbot_images, [{access_key, "<AWS KEY>"},
                   {secret_key, "<SECRET KEY>"},
                   {bucket, "<S3 BUCKET>"}]},

  {lager, [
           {handlers, [
                        {lager_console_backend, info}

Build and Run

λ make rel
λ _rel/bin/mmmbot

1> mmmbot_images:start().

Run on Heroku

Update your ./config/sys.config file as usual and commit that change.

λ git add ./config/sys.config
λ git commit -m "update sys.config"
λ heroku create --buildpack
λ git push heroku master
λ heroku scale bot=1
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