rebar3 plugin for building Elixir dependencies with mix
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A rebar plugin for building Elixir dependencies with mix.


  • rebar3 3.7.0 or above
  • Elixir 1.7.4 or above, unless your Elixir dependencies have no transitive compile time dependencies in which case any version starting with 1.7.0 may work.
  • mix local.hex, while mix hex isn't used, mix checks for it and will block with a message Could not find Hex, which is needed to build dependency ... if it isn't found. Running mix local.hex will install mix's hex script archive and make the check happy.


Add the plugin to your rebar config:

{plugins, [rebar_mix]}.
{provider_hooks, [
  {pre,  [{compile, {mix, find_elixir_libs}}]},
  {post, [{compile, {mix, consolidate_protocols}}]}

The find_elixir_libs hook automatically adds Elixir libraries into load path, it requires elixir binary to be in the path. The consolidate_protocols hook places beams in _build/<profile>/consolidated that will need to be included in a release when built. Using:

{overlay, [{copy, "{{base_dir}}/consolidated", "releases/{{release_version}}/consolidated"}]}

And update your vm.args.src to include:

-pa releases/${REL_VSN}/consolidated