League of Legends API module and tool for Python 3
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This is intended to be two things:
    First, and foremost, a pure Python implementation of Riot's
        League of Legends API.  lolapi.py and loldata.py make up that infrastructure.  They are a set of
        API wrappers + a multithreaded requester and a set of data container classes respectively.  The
        API file implements a simple class for each api that uses the requests python module to get data.
        Toward the bottom is a Requester class, which is a multithreaded wrapper around requests.  A
        request is submitted to it, and assigned an ID.  When the request completes(data was returned
        AND was written to the db file), the data is returned, along with the id.  It is up to the API
        parent to sort that data.  From there, the data is organized and passed back to the USER application.
    That brings us to the second, which is an idea I had around halfway through the spring split.  I want to
        make a concerted effort to improve my play this year, without needing to spend too much time going
        over my stats.  I have a problem where after a single good game on a champion(ranked or even in
        normals) I will think I'm all of a sudden amazing on them.  At which point I get crushed in ranked
        for no reason.  I want to analyze performance based on match history and rate myself(with no influence
        from other players) to see who I typically perform the best on.  Eventually I'd like to take matchups
        into account and possibly even suggest playstyles once I know the comps(i.e. sit back and farm more
        or be aggressive etc etc).  My first pass at this is a very simple rating scheme which just rates
        performance based on a position + role in a single match.  This is what you will see in my app right
        now.  The future will include role based rankings of past champions which will update in real time
        as matchups and team comps are entered.  The possibilities seem endless for what can be done here.

Long story short, I think this could be an incredibly cool tool, but it is also incredibly ambitious.  My
    entry in this contest is no where near a complete product, it's not very buggy, but there's a lot of
    functionality that isn't there yet.  I will continue to develop this as I can and hopefully at the very
    least be able to provide the community with a convenient Python3 LoL API module, and at most with a
    virtual analyst!

My name is Tom Manner, I'm a 26 year old verification engineer working for IBM.  I've been playing LoL for
    4-5 years, and play with several of my coworkers here on a regular basis.  Regardless of the outcome
    of this contest, I'd be more than happy to hear any feedback about my application and API, constructive
    or otherwise!

Tom "UngodlySalmon" Manner