Demonstrating Blending in PlayN
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			 PlayN Blending Test
		 One of Many Big Dice Games Tutorials
			   By Dave LeCompte

One feature of PlayN that I had thought was missing at first was the
ability to recolor my images (e.g. to have programmatically and
dynamically colored cars in a driving game, or to have colored
bitmapped text). Later, I thought that it was possible, but not

So, I built this sample to explore what compositing options were
available, and which ones actually accomplished the results I wanted
(SRC_OVER or DST_OVER go a long way to satisfying my needs).

Along the way, I realized that the HTML5 Canvas Global Composite
Operations provide a sufficient toolset, but you have to be careful
about how you use it in order to get the behavior you expect.

Hopefully, somebody else can benefit from my experiments.