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Tiny Tiny RSS SAML Auth Plugin
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Tiny Tiny RSS SAML Auth Plugin

SAML Login auth plugin using onelogin/php-saml library and tested against simplesamlphp IdP.

onelogin/php-saml -

tsmgeek/ttrss-auth-saml -

You need to create a settings.php file in the plugin directory, you can find settings on the onelogin/php-saml page. Currently it uses the userid supplied back in the saml response and not any additional data. You will need to modify the /includes/login_form.php page to add in the following code below the 'Log in' button as there are no hooks for me to do this currently.

<?php if (strpos(PLUGINS, "auth_saml") !== FALSE) {
  echo PluginHost::getInstance()->get_plugin('auth_saml')->hook_login_button();
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