An scrum estimation and planning game, built in Node.js by the Web Chefs of Four Kitchens.
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scrummy – A Scrum Planning Game

scrummy is a card game for scrum story point estimation. Originally forked from simewn's project by tsmith512, the Web Chefs of Four Kitchens have continued development to include several new features and enhancements:


  • Self-contained node.js application, serving static components using Express and leveraging for easy websockets and client/server event handling.
  • Multiple game hosting: users may share links to specific games, or be assigned a new game when signing in.
  • Customizable point card strings in server config.
  • Chickens and Pigs (observer and player) modes.
  • Shared game control: any client may reveal or reset the vote cards.
  • Playing clients may place and revoke their votes by clicking cards in their hand.
  • Fully responsive front-end design powered by Sass and Compass with Modernizr feature detection.


  • Server: Node.js and npm
    Node module dependencies installable with npm install
  • Client: HTML5 browser with support for websockets
    Currently tested in latest Chrome, Firefox, iOS 5+ Mobile Safari, Android 4.x Browser


  • npm install
  • Edit settings.json as necessary
  • npm start
  • Alternatively, run scrum_cards_server.js directly with an optional port override argument: --port=9999


If you run into trouble, issues can be posted to the project on GitHub. Pull requests are also welcome to add features, refactor existing code, or tackle issues! Be sure to open requests against the dev branch (or applicable feature branch) and use Compass to recompile any style changes.