Scripts to help manage adding machines to the .ssh/config file, and sshing in and out of local networks.
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A collection of scripts for automating (mostly) the management of ssh-keys

verify_local_network distinguishes whether you are sshing from within a local network to properly route the connection. helps add and remove ~/.ssh/config entries and ssh-keys both locally and remotely.

Together these two scripts make storing credentials for sshing to multiple computers a piece of cake.

Their usage is described below.

verify_local_host expects the verify_local_host script to be in usr/local/bin.

sudo cp verify_local_host /usr/local/bin/.

This is used by the script. It returns true when you are behind a local network, and false otherwise.

You may want to copy to a location where it can be easily called, but is not necessary.


./        # adds a computer
./ -a     # adds a computer
./ -r     # removes a computer
./ -h     # returns the help message

The script will prompt you with information needed to create the ~/.ssh/config entry.