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The repository where I collect all my Ansible playbooks, roles, Vagrantfile, etc.
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My Ansible MIT licensed

Ansible roles / playbooks to setup some tools like Docker, Jenkins, and etc. on Linux machine. Currently only support Ubuntu 14.04.

Table of content


Ansible Roles

Ansible Playbooks

Usage - Locally


  1. Install Vagrant and Ansible on your local machine

  2. Copy your SSH public key (if you don't have one, follow this guideline and create one)

    $ cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy
  3. Run and log in the VM via SSH

    $ vagrant up
    $ vagrant ssh
  4. Add your SSH key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

  5. Log out the VM and run any Ansible playbook you like (feel free to modify inventory file as needed)

    $ ansible-playbook docker-jenkins.yml -i inventory

vagrant provision

Since the ansible-playbook is also defined in Vagrantfile provision block, we can run the ansible-playbook when the VM first starts:

$ vagrant up

or do provision whenever you want run the playbook via vagrant:

$ vagrant provision
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