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MacTeX + Skim + Sublime Text 3

這篇筆記將介紹如何在 Sublime Text 3 上透過 LaTeXTools 插件編譯 .tex 文件並使用 Skim 檢視。開始之前必須請先將 MacTex、Skim 以及 Package Control 安裝完成再進行下列步驟。(本文參考自 LaTaX 簡易安裝教學)


Install LaTeXTools via the Package Control by pressing Command + Shift + P in the Sublime Text 3. After finish the installation, restart the Sublime Text 3 and reconfigure the setting file by using Package Control again:

LaTeXTools Reconfiguration

Now you can press Command + B to compile .tex file via Sublime Text 3 and viewing the result on Skim!


Sublime Text 3 + MacTeX + Skim