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coreBOS webservice development and test code
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coreBOS Webservice Development

core Business Operating System Webservice Development

This project is a development tool that helps testing the coreBOS webservice (REST) interface.

NOTE: This is a potentially very dangerous application to have available publically. With very little information anybody can access your data and even write scripts directly into your server (!). This is a developer's tool, it should not be deployed on any production server.

For complete details on webservice development access or wiki

To add examples to this tool just copy them to the testcode directory. If the file has a .php extension it will automatically appear in the PHP code section, if it has a .js extension it will appear in the Javascript example section and if a file with the exact same name but with an .html extension exists it will be loaded into the Documentation section.

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Thank you very much for your help and contribution.

coreBOS Team

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