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Sorts time data from the toggl interface into total duration by tag in decimal format.
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I wrote this because I use toggl to track my time at work, however in order
to report this time I need to sort it into a few certain categories. I use the
tags to accomplish this.

Basically, -1 gives the first tag (defaults are what i use), -2 is the other
default. There are also quick methods. -q yesterday gives yesterday's time.
-q monday for monday, etc. Entering no tag gives today's totals

Based on whatever day is entered, it will calculate the totals for the given tags.
It will also add in untagged entries too. These are added and given a full total.

There is some tagging confusion too as something with bultiple tags could possibly 
counted more than once. choosing your tags wisely helps with this. It works for how
I use toggl since I only ever use one Main category for tags and then a subtag which 
only indicates how much of that particular task i did. For raw work totals I use
main tags.

I couldnt find anyone else who had done something like this, so I wrote my own.
I hope somebody finds this useful. I am still working on this, but I figure since
I was looking for something like this, perhaps someone else can find use in it.

I need to update the command line argument names, as they dont make any freakin sense.
(eg, shortname for --end_time).

additionally, you can also specify custom start,stop dates/times with the arguments.

Check -h

Add your toggl api token to username field ex: username = 'apikeygoesherebetweenthequotes'
Execute command with just ./

Should find your python path unless yours is different than mine.



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