Linguistic and stylistic complexity measures for (literary) texts
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Linguistic and Stylistic Complexity

This project is a collection of measures that assess the linguistic and stylistic complexity of (literary) texts.

Vocabulary-based complexity measures

Measures that use sample size and vocabulary size

  • Type-token ratio
  • Guiraud's R
  • Herdan's C
  • Dugast's k
  • Maas' a2
  • Dugast's U
  • Tuldava's LN
  • Brunet's W
  • Carroll's CTTR
  • Summer's S

Measures that use part of the frequency spectrum

  • Honoré's H
  • Sichel's S
  • Michéa's M

Measures that use the whole frequency spectrum

  • Entropy
  • Yule's K
  • Simpson's D
  • Herdan's Vm
  • McCarthy and Jarvis' HD-D

Parameters of probabilistic models

  • Orlov's Z

Measures that use the whole text

  • Covington and McFall's MATTR
  • MTLD
  • Kubat and Milicka's STTR

Syntactic complexity measures

  • Average sentence length
  • Average dependency distance
  • Average closeness centrality
  • Average outdegree centralization
  • Average closeness centralization
  • Average longest shortest path
  • Average dependents per token
  • Average punctuation per sentence
  • Average punctuation per token