a powerfull tool to check tss signing status of various devices and firmwares
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tsschecker is a powerful tool to check tss signing status of various devices and iOS versions.

Latest compiled version can be found here:
(MacOS + Linux + Windows)


  • Allows you to get lists of all devices and all iOS/OTA versions for a specific device.
  • Can check signing status for default iOS versions and beta ipsws (by specifying a BuildManifest.plist)
  • Works without specifying any device relevant values to check signing status, but can be used to save blobs when given an ECID and the option --print-tss-response (although there are better tools to do this).

tsschecker is not only meant to be used to check signing status, but also to explore Apple's tss servers. By using all of its customization possibilities, you might discover a combination of devices and iOS versions that is now getting signed but wasn't getting signed before.


  • Bundled Libs

Those don't need to be installed manually

tsschecker help

(might become outdated):

Usage: tsschecker [OPTIONS]

option (short) option (long) description
-d --device MODEL specify device by its MODEL (eg. iPhone4,1)
-i --ios VERSION specify iOS version (eg. 6.1.3)
--buildid BUILDID specific buildid instead of iOS version (eg. 13C75)
--boardconfig BOARD specific boardconfig instead of iPhone model (eg. n61ap)
-h --help prints usage information
-o --ota check OTA signing status, instead of normal restore
-b --no-baseband don't check baseband signing status. Request a ticket without baseband
-m --build-manifest MANIFEST manually specify buildmanifest. (can be used with -d)
-s --save save fetched shsh blobs (mostly makes sense with -e)
-l --latest use latest public iOS version instead of manually specifying one
especially useful with -s and -e for saving blobs
--apnonce NONCE manually specify APNONCE instead of using random one (not required for saving blobs)
--sepnonce NONCE manually specify SEPNONCE instead of using random one (not required for saving blobs)
--save-path PATH specify path for saving blobs
-e  --ecid ECID manually specify an ECID to be used for fetching blobs, instead of using random ones.
ECID must be either dec or hex eg. 5482657301265 or ab46efcbf71
--beta request ticket for beta instead of normal release (use with -o)
--list-devices list all known devices
--list-ios list all known iOS versions
--nocache ignore caches and re-download required files
--print-tss-request prints tss request that will be sent (plist)
--print-tss-response prints tss response that come from Apple (plist)