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kde-contextmenu allows you to change the menu you get when right-clicking onto the KDE desktop. Use it with KDE 4.4 or higher.
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KDE Context Menu

This simple mouse action plugin for Plasma Desktop 4.4 allows to launch the favorite applications konsole and ksnapshot.

I did some small modifications to the application launcher plugin written by Christoph Feck (many thanks!).

This is distributed under the LGPL 2+ license, see the header text in launch.cpp and COPYING for details.

1. Building

You need KDE 4.4 or later incl. some devel packages. E.g. under a default installation of SUSE Linux 12.2 issue the command
 yast -i cmake libkde4-devel
And you'll have what you need.

To build and install call

2. Restart KDE

Before being able to use the plugin, you need to restart KDE.

3. Configuration

After restart, click on desktop with right mouse button, and select "Desktop
Settings". Choose symbol "Mouse Actions" in the settings dialog, and click
"Add Action..." button. Then click on this button "Input Here..." with the
mouse button that should invoke the favorites menu (I use left button).

Then in the combobox next to this button select the "KDE Context Menu", and
hit OK. You should now be able to invoke the favorites menu by clicking on
the desktop with the button you specified in the settings dialog.

Thanks and enjoy!

Thorsten Staerk
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