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Code for

Run in Google Colab

  1. Go to
  2. File > Upload notebook... > GitHub
  3. Paste
  4. Select image2mass_colab.ipynb

or just go to: and click Open in Colab

setup (works only with python3):

Install tensorflow

Download evaluation datafiles (see below)

use pip

pip install Pillow
pip install keras==2.1.1 # the most recent version (2.1.2 at time of writing) throws an error loading the model
pip install lz4
pip install opencv-python # or install opencv another way (this method doesn't support cv.imshow() or FFmpeg) but is much easier to install
pip install h5py


Coming soon

example usage:

python3 test_set_images/airplane_clock_1.jpg 6.25 1.25 2.125 2>/dev/null

(more in predictions.txt)

Ground Truth for Household Test Set:

Evaluation Data Files:

Amazon train/val/test Data Files