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notmuchfs - A virtual maildir file system for notmuch queries

Notmuchfs is free software, released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (or later).

Copyright © 2012 Tim Stoakes

What is notmuch?

Notmuch is an awesome email indexing system:

What is notmuchfs?

Notmuchfs implements a virtual file system which creates maildirs from notmuch mail query results. This is useful for using notmuch with tools which are not aware of notmuch, only maildirs - such as mutt.

How does it work?

A notmuchfs virtual file system is mounted referencing a particular existing (real) directory called the 'backing store'.

Directories created within the backing store, when read, appear to have the standard maildir format (e.g. cur/, new/, tmp/ sub-directories).

Notmuchfs interprets the names of these backing store directories as notmuch queries, and fills the cur/ maildir sub-directory in the directory in the virtual file system with corresponding name, to appear to contain messages which are the result of executing that query (at the instant in time that the directory is read).

Each virtual maildir message file, when read, appears to have the exact content of the message referenced by the notmuch query, augmented with an 'X-Label' header generated automatically by notmuchfs, containing the notmuch tags of that message.

The name of each virtual maildir message is derived from the real name of the maildir message, causing maildir flags to be 'passed through' from the real maildir message to notmuchfs.

The renaming of virtual maildir messages within the same maildir sub-directory e.g. cur/, is supported. This allows the modification of maildir flags to be passed back through notmuchfs to the real message, by renaming the real message.

Renaming virtual messages from new/ to cur/ is allowed, to support standard maildir behavior. Renaming virtual messages from cur/ to new/ is optionally also allowed, to support non-maildir-compliant MUAs such as mutt (see mount option '-o mutt_2476_workaround').

In all rename cases, the notmuch database is informed of the rename, to keep the database in sync with the real maildir message.

Symbolic links to directories have their targets interpreted as notmuch queries, providing query 'aliases'.

The unlinking of virtual maildir messages is supported - the real message file is unlinked.

In general, non-maildir operations such as mkdir() at the root level, rename of non-maildir files, etc. which are executed within the virtual file system are passed to the backing store.

Building notmuchfs

See the INSTALL file for notes on compiling and installing notmuchfs.

Quick start

First you need a backing store - this is just a directory that contains other directories which are interpreted as queries.

$ mkdir ~/my_notmuchfs_backing

Start notmuchfs, assuming your notmuch database is in ~/.maildir/.notmuch/.

$ notmuchfs ~/my_notmuchfs_mountpoint \
    -o backing_dir=~/my_notmuchfs_backing \
    -o mail_dir=~/.maildir

Notmuchfs is not too interesting unless you create at least one query. Queries are directories within the notmuchfs mount point (equally, within the backing store).

$ cd ~/my_notmuchfs_mountpoint
$ mkdir "tag:unread and not tag:spam"

That name is not too meaningful, so also create a handy alias to that query directory.

$ ln -s "tag:unread and not tag:spam" inbox

See that a virtual maildir is created.

$ ls ~/my_notmuchfs_backing/inbox


$ ls ~/my_notmuchfs_mountpoint/inbox
cur/  new/  tmp/
$ ls ~/my_notmuchfs_mountpoint/inbox/cur/,U=4101:2,S,U=4101:2,S

These are the results of executing the notmuch query "tag:unread and not tag:spam".

Since 'cat' is not a good MUA, now tell your preferred one to find its maildirs at ~/my_notmuchfs_mountpoint/. E.g. with mutt, use:

  set folder=~/my_notmuchfs_mountpoint/

To unmount:

$ fusermount -u ~/my_notmuchfs_mountpoint

Using notmuchfs with mutt

See the file for notes on using notmuchfs with mutt.


Mount notmuchfs with the '-d' option. Optionally, rebuild notmuchfs with NOTMUCHFS_DEBUG set to 1 in notmuchfs.c.


Tim Stoakes


A virtual maildir file system for notmuch queries



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