Backlog to Slack.
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(ja) Backlogでの操作をSlackに通知する拡張機能です。

(en) This repository is Slack extension to notify operation in Backlog.


  • Clone repository to your computer.
git clone
  • Edit settings.js. Replace {your-space} to your Backlog account name.
exports.ticketUrl = 'https://{your-space}{key}';
exports.ticketCommentUrl = 'https://{your-space}{key}#comment-{id}';
exports.pullRequestUrl = 'https://{your-space}{key}/{repo}/pullRequests/{number}#comment-{id}';
  • Write your Slack Incoming-Webhook configuration.
exports.channels = {
    ProjectKey: Incoming-Webhook Url
  • Deploy repository to Microsoft Azure Functions.

  • Copy function url on Azure Functions' portal.

  • Create webhook on Backlog and use copied url.

Choose hook event, for example, "Issue Commented", "Issue Updated", "Comment on Pull Request".

Slack notification sample

Sample image in Slack