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Collection of my capture-the-flag web challenge in any levels
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My Awesome Web Challenge (MAWC)


  • docker
  • docker-compose


🕵🏾 Very first command:

git clone

😎 To play challenge, go to its directory:

cd MyAwesomeWebChallenge/challenges/<challenge-name>

🤘 Then (challenge setup in docker-style, so it won't harm your system):


Wait a bit, access challenge via ip:port 🏁


🎉 Please don't read solution til you can't suffer anymore...🎉

-[ EASY ]-

Name Description Port WriteUp
TSULOTT Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Join My LOTT and Win JACKPOTTTT!!! 8001 Link
IQTest The Best IQ Testing page ever was released !!! Come and join us !!! 8002 Link
FreeToFlag We are giving flag and money, but bankrupted...! so.... maybe next time you can take... 8003 Link
Pentest Look like somebody hack my page, somebody help me prophet pls 8004 Link

=[ MEDIUM ]=

Name Description Port WriteUp
TooManyCrypto My kawaii little sister just create it for me... She tell me there is a secret inside. I wonder what it is? 9001 Link
NumberMakeup Coloring your number, make its the most style in the world!!!!! 9002 Link
OmegaSector Wtf !? I just want to go to OmegaSector but there is weird authentication here, please help me 9003 Link
HackEmAll Flag! flag! Oh the legendary pokemon! Can you catch it! 9004 Link
TheProphet Wohoo, wanna hear some oracle? 9005 Link
PhpLimitRevenge2 Harder Version... 9006 Link
SimpleMessage Very safe message storage service, give it a try 9007 Link

-=[ HARD ]=-

Name Description Port WriteUp
LonelyBoy I saw the website of a lonely boy out there, it looks like he wants to be cheered up, can you help him?
Flag is in /
7001 Link
SQLiNinjaClass Oops, Dash like the wind, Impossible to find, look like the class of Ninja Sensei has began, come and learn some JUTSU !!! 7002 Link
MaplStory Someone hack my website, can you help me check it?
7003 Link
EzGrammar Let learn English with Usagyuuun!
Flag is in /
7004 Link
TSULOTT2 My previous LOTT is broken, php suck! I moved to python!!! So... Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 7005 Link
SecureSystem I just made a secure system, can you help me audit the source?
7006 Link


  • If you encounter any problems feel free to contact me via
  • Love it? Buy me a coffee when you meet me outside (preferred) 🥤 or via

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