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Deprecated: As of November 2018, this effort is deprecated. We are in the process of developing a new technology / apprach that will allow Tsugi tools to be built in a wide range of environments connected to the core of Tsugi using web services wather than through the database as is done in this approach.


Check this code out into a web2py distro:

cd web2py/applications/
git clone tsugi

You cannot use dashes in application names in web2py apparently.

You also need pytsugi available via pip. See the installation instructions in

Database Setup

Then checkout, install and setup a PHP tsugi instance according to - get the databases all set up.

This wants its database to be on MySQL so look in the models/ to see how this is set up:

db = DAL('mysql://ltiuser:ltipassword@localhost:8889/tsugi')

Where is the Web2Py Code?

Take a look at controllers/ and see the launch and display_form functions to see how this app uses pytsugi.

This is early days so expect a lot of print statements as the code evolves.


To test, after you have Tsugi set up go to its developer console:


Set the launch url to:


And launch.

For now there is lots of output so watch the web2py console.

If you edit the pytsugi module code in developer mode make sure to restart the web2py server to force module reload. I wish there was a tick box somewhere to say "developer mode" to override the module caching.