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Tsugi Node Library

Deprecated: As of November 2018, this effort is deprecated. We are in the process of developing a new technology / apprach that will allow Tsugi tools to be built in a wide range of environments connected to the core of Tsugi using web services wather than through the database as is done in this approach.

We are using NodeJS 6.0, ES6, and Express for the Node version of Tsugi.

We are using an OO model where we need to work with all of these simultaneously:

  • ES6
  • NodeJS require pattern
  • esdoc

Of course do this after downloading:

npm install

It would be necessary to install bower to deploy static client libraries. If you don't have it installed run

npm install -g bower

To run test code:


To run the test code on MAMP, do

export PORT=8889; mocha

It is not a server - more of a simple straight line test. You can also run nodemon if you want it to watch the folder and restart on any file change.

To make the documentation install ESDOC and run:

esdoc -c esdoc.json

And open esdoc/index.html

Developer Testing New Versions of tsugi-node-lti

If you want to work on tsugi-node-lti and test it here, check it our into a per folder and change package.json as follows:

"tsugi-node-lti": "../tsugi-node-lti",


rm -r node_modules
npm install

Now the install should be from your own hard drive rather than npmjs.


The NODEJS version of the Tsugi Library (deprecated)



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