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Tsugi Workshop Exercises

This is a component of the Tsugi PHP Project.

This is a simple set of exercises that you can download and work on. There are a set of specifications linked from the index.php file to describe each task. You can see a hosted copy of the specs at:


In the simple installation scenario, you have already installed, configured, and set up the databases for Tsugi in a folder like:


You probably want to fork this repository before you check it out so you can check your code into your own copy of this repo into a peer folder right next to htdocs/tsugi.

cd htdocs
git clone 

Simple Installation and Configuration

You will need to inform Tsugi to search the new tool's folder for files like index.php, register.php, and database.php. To do this, edite the $CFG->tool_folders parameter in the Tsugi config.php file to include the relative path to this tool.

$CFG->tool_folders = array("admin", "mod", 
    ... , "../tsugi-php-exercises");

Once you have connected this tool to a Tsugi install as described above, you can use the Admin/Database Upgrade feature to create / maintain database tables for these tools. You can also use the Developer mode of that Tsugi to test launch this tool. The App Store Deep Linking, and Content Item support for the controlling Tsugi will know about this tool.

Launching and Testing This Code

To launch the tools (assuming installed as described above) go to:

http://localhost:8888/tsugi/dev.php  (for MAMP)

And all these tools should show up in the drop-down for easy testing and launching.

Tsugi Developer List

You should join the Tsugi Developers list so you can get announcements when things change.!forum/tsugi-dev

Once you have joined, you can send mail to


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