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Tsugi Tools

This will hold various Tsugi Learning Tools. You must be an approved Apereo contributor to work on the tools in this repository.

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  1. peer-grade peer-grade Public

    A Flexible Social/Peer-Grading Tool

    PHP 12 5

  2. youtube youtube Public

    An LTI YouTube Viewer with Analytics

    PHP 6 4

  3. gift gift Public

    An LTI Tool that Supports Quizzes in the GIFT format

    PHP 4 5

  4. attend attend Public

    A simple Tsugi attendance tool

    PHP 4 10

  5. iframe iframe Public

    A Simple iFrame Tool with Analytics and Tracking

    PHP 3 2

  6. grades grades Public

    A Tsugi Gradebook

    PHP 2 3


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