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# Based on
Python program for listing the vms on an ESX / vCenter host in tree like view
from optparse import OptionParser, make_option
from pyVim.connect import SmartConnect, Disconnect
from pyVmomi import vmodl
import pyVmomi
import textwrap
import argparse
import atexit
import sys
def GetArgs():
Supports the command-line arguments listed below.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Process args for retrieving all the Virtual Machines')
parser.add_argument('-s', '--host', required=True, action='store', help='Remote host to connect to')
parser.add_argument('-o', '--port', default=443, action='store', help='Port to connect on')
parser.add_argument('-u', '--user', required=True, action='store', help='User name to use when connecting to host')
parser.add_argument('-p', '--password', required=True, action='store', help='Password to use when connecting to host')
args = parser.parse_args()
return args
def printLevel(text, level):
# indent print, with tree levels
n = 0
while n <= level:
print "\b ",
n += 1
print text
def iterateTree(item, level):
Iterate through VM Folders and VirtualApp objects,
Then print out VM information
nlevel = level + 1
# Check for VM folders
if type(item) == pyVmomi.types.vim.Folder:
printLevel("`-Folder Name : %s" % (, level)
# Iterate through objects in that Folder
for cItem in item.childEntity:
iterateTree(cItem, nlevel)
# Check for vApps
elif type(item) == pyVmomi.types.vim.VirtualApp:
printLevel("`-vApp Name : %s" % (, level)
# Iterate through VM in that vApp
for cItem in item.vm:
iterateTree(cItem, nlevel)
PrintVmInfo(item, level)
def PrintVmInfo(vm, level):
Print information for a particular virtual machine.
summary = vm.summary
printLevel("| VM Name : %s" %, level)
printLevel("| Path : %s" % summary.config.vmPathName, level)
printLevel("| Guest OS : %s" % summary.config.guestFullName, level)
annotation = summary.config.annotation
if annotation != None and annotation != "":
for line in annotation.split("\n"):
for shortline in textwrap.wrap(line, 80):
printLevel("| Annotation : %s" % shortline, level)
printLevel("| Status : %s" % summary.runtime.powerState, level)
if summary.guest != None:
ip = summary.guest.ipAddress
if ip != None and ip != "":
printLevel("| IP : %s" % ip, level)
if summary.runtime.question != None:
printLevel("| Question : %s" % summary.runtime.question.text, level)
printLevel("--", level)
def main():
Simple command-line program for listing the virtual machines on a system.
args = GetArgs()
si = None
si = SmartConnect(
host =,
user = args.user,
pwd = args.password,
port = int(args.port)
except IOError, e:
if not si:
print "Could not connect to the specified host using specified username and password"
return -1
atexit.register(Disconnect, si)
content = si.RetrieveContent()
datacenter = content.rootFolder.childEntity[0]
vmFolder = datacenter.vmFolder
vmFolderList = vmFolder.childEntity
for curItem in vmFolderList:
iterateTree(curItem, 0)
except vmodl.MethodFault, e:
print "Caught vmodl fault : " + e.msg
return -1
except Exception, e:
print "Caught exception : " + str(e)
return -1
return 0
# Start program
if __name__ == "__main__":