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BreezeEnhanced is a fork of KDE Breeze decoration with the following changes:

  • The optional title-bar gradient is smooth and has a configurable intensity.
  • The title-bar opacity is configurable.
  • A very mild light line is added to the top of title-bar (especially for dark color schemes) and the separator between title-bar and window is removed.
  • By default, the close, minimize and maximize buttons are macOS-like and their sizes change on mouse-over when animation is enabled.
  • The spacing between buttons is configurable.
  • Opaqueness, opacity override and flatness are added to the exception list properties.
  • Title-bar font is set indpendent from the KDE font settings (for use outside KDE).

Please note that BreezeEnhanced is not related to the Breeze widget style. In fact, it is made to match various themes of the Kvantum widget style but it works with all styles.


BreezeEnhanced was started from BreezeBlurred (https://github.com/alex47/BreezeBlurred), a former fork of Breeze with title-bar translucency and blurring.

Needless to say, the main work behind BreezeEnhanced is the Breeze KWin decoration itself, which can be downloaded from https://download.kde.org/stable/plasma/.


The version number in the file NEWS shows the main version of KWin that is required for the compilation. Compilation should not be done against other versions of KWin!.

Open a terminal inside the source directory and do:

mkdir build && cd build
sudo make install

After the intallation, restart KWin by logging out and in. Then, BreezeEnhanced will appear in System Settings → Application Style → Window Decorations.