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Releases: tsujan/FeatherNotes


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Main changes:

● Now FeatherNotes is a single-process, multi-window app that doesn't open the same document twice when launched. D-Bus is used for that purpose (the app's behavior is like before in non-Linux systems without D-Bus).
● The qmake compilation has been removed. Its maintenance wasn't justified with D-Bus.
● Added a warning-bar for some messages.
● Printing is done is a separate thread, so that, if it takes a long time, the app could still be used.
● Added an option for remembering the expanded state of each node.
● Added an option for saving without prompt on exiting.
● Select the text between spaces with Ctrl + double click.
● Fixed the problems in restoring of window size and position.
● Keep the search string on node switching if the search is done in all nodes.
● Fixed node renaming with transparent tree view.
● Made toolbar icons small by default.
● Enabled compilation against Qt6. The default compilation is still against Qt5.
● Removed the workaround for Enlightenment (it cluttered the code for no good reason).


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Main changes:

● Better (smooth) scrolling from inside the view, especially with touchpad.
● Don't try to save or restore window position under Wayland.
● When the window isn't active under Wayland, hide and show it again if the tray icon is activated.
● Don't let QTextEdit's built-in undo/redo shortcuts cause a scroll jump when there's nothing to undo/redo.
● Fixed compilation against old Qt versions.


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Main changes:

● Added cmake support (besides qmake).
● Added support for the recently opened files.
● Fixed the bugs of searching and replacing in all nodes.
● Go to the last active node when starting with the last opened note.
● Improvements and fixes to custom background and foreground colors. (if a note is created with this version, the bg/fg colors of existing nodes will change on the fly.)
● Prevented Qt from giving rich text to the selection clipboard.
● Prevented the transference of password (or lack of it) from one note to another in rare cases.
● Prevented the transference of font settings from an opened note to a newly created one.
● Allowed changing of the horizontal alignment of tables.
● Workaround for KDE's Plasma tray tooltip.
● Instead of eliding texts, show the horizontal scrollbar in the side-pane when needed.
● Require Qt5.12.
● Small fixes to smooth scrolling and link opening.


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● An option for starting with the last opened file.
● Support for customized background/foreground colors.
● A configurable date and time pasting.
● Code fixes and cleanup.


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Main changes:

● Added optional spell checking with Hunspell, which can be enabled at compilation time.
● Overrode Qt's default behavior with the Home key.
● Handle relative file paths correctly.


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Main changes:

● Fixed a rare case of halted auto-saving.
● Added a workaround for an old Qt bug, because of which, QTimer may not work after resuming from suspend or hibernation.
● Give focus to text-edit/side-pane with Esc.
● Smarter Shift+Enter with alphabetical lists.


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● Considered the new behavior of horizontal wheel scrolling in Qt 5.14.0.
● Added a workaround to the text editor for the bug in horizontal scrollbars of Qt 5.14.0.


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Main changes:

● A shortcut editor is added to Preferences.
● The Preferences dialog size is always remembered.
● Smarter Shift+Enter, especially with numbered lists.
● Auto-replace some strings while typing.
● The selected text and highlight colors will be set automatically if those of the app style aren't suitable.
● Better placement of text context menu actions.
● The current item is kept during a tree DND.
● Tree nodes are dragged only if there is a real mouse movement (and not when the view is scrolled by the wheel of a motionless mouse).
● On triple clicking, select the current block without selecting its newline or start/end whitespaces.
● Smooth scrolling with mouse wheel.
● The Qt methods that were deprecated by Qt 5.13 are replaced.


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Changes since the last release:

● Several fixes for searching, replacing, printing and exporting.
● Used C++11 raw string literals in the code for a more robust regex handling.
● Deleted files are not auto-saved anymore.
● Compilation without X11 is possible now.
● macOS support added by shlyakpavel at GitHub.
● Fixed an issue in pasting of images into the doc.
● Fixed DND with an image without extension.
● Set the size of default font to that of system font.
● No focus for search buttons.
● Added an option for small toolbar icon size.
● New Preferences dialog (suitable for future additions).
● Docs can be opened by DND now.
● Dropped the obsolete class QDesktopWidget.
● Added a magic string to the FeatherNotes doc mimetype for it to be recognized without extension too.


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The first release, with many features.