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company backend for DCD.
Emacs Lisp
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What's this?

company-mode backend for Dlang, using DCD.


First, follow setup section of DCD's readme. And M-x package-install company-dcd on your Emacs.


1: Make sure dcd-client and dcd-server binaries are in your executable-path. Otherwise, please set the variables company-dcd-client-executable and company-dcd-server-executable using M-x customize.

2: Add the following to your init.el:

(require 'company-dcd)
(add-hook 'd-mode-hook 'company-dcd-mode)


  • Show ddoc with C-c ?
  • Goto definition with C-c .
  • Search symbol with C-c s (If region is active, search for the region string.)
  • After goto definition or search symbol, you can pop to previous position with C-c ,

About issues and questions

If you find something curious, fell free to create an issue.

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