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Rules for ansible-lint

This is a rule set for ansible-lint .

These rules are used in the Tsukinowa Inc. , but anyone can use with the license (MIT).

How to use

  1. Install ansible-lint (ex: pip install ansible-lint)
  2. Copy or git clone on your ansible playbook repository with rules name
  3. Run ansible lint with -r rules flag (ex: ansible-lint -r rules <your playbook file>)


code sample message
E1 playbook
E101 Playbook should has ".yml" extension
E2 Role
E201 Doesn't need a relative path in role
E3 Task
E301 All tasks should be named
E302 Include should has tags
E303 Use ":" YAML syntax when arguments are over 4
E304 Do not use local_action. use delegate_to: localhost instead
E305 Variable should has space "{{ foo }}"
E4 Module
E401 Octal file permissions must contain leading zero
E402 Template file should has '.j2' extension
E5 Shell/Command alternative module
E501 Use chmod module
E502 Use chown module
E503 Use hostname module
E504 Use mount module
E505 Use nmcli module
E506 Use yum module with file path
E507 Use service module
E508 Use sysctl module
E509 Use ufw module
E510 Use unarchive module
E511 Shell/command module must contain creates or removes
E512 Use file module instead of mkdir, ln -s and so on
E6 Formatting
E601 Trailing whitespace
E602 Line too long

Why so many shell module lint?

Because user may want to use a command to correct use. Since we separete these rule, user can disable specific rule easily.

If you can manage playbook your self, consider set skip_ansible_lint tag.


MIT License (same as ansible-lint)