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A tiny Jekyll plugin to process images using RMagick's ImageMagick bindings.

I made this for my personal blog after I grew tired of manually processing images for the sizes I need. I use this to associate a header image with each post, which is then displayed in different sizes on the index and post pages. This way the source repository need only contain one large master image, and it automates the creation of posts.

This is not a tool for complex image processing or inclusion within the body of a post.


Install ImageMagick for your platform.

gem install rmagick
cp jekyll-rmagick.rb YOUR_JEKYLL_DIR/_plugins


Add a jekyll-rmgaick section to _config.yml.

    source_dir: _img
    prefix: image
            meta: sm
            width: 640
            height: 320
            meta: md
            width: 1280
            height: 800

Each generated image will be made available in the post data under the key [prefix]-[meta] according to configuration.

Extra Options

Place these under the jekyll-rmagick header in config.

option value desc
brightness-mod 0.0-1.0 decrease brightness of images (useful for overlaying text)


  1. Place image file for the post in source-dir
  2. Add to the frontmatter of an article
img_src: filename.jpg
  1. The generator will create an image for each defined spec and place them in _site/assets directory.
  2. Include your images in your template (e.g.)
<img src="{{ page.image-md }}"/>

Known Issues

  • If the image you specified doesn't exist, it will crash. If the image you specified isn't an image, it will crash. If you try to break it, it will crash.


  • Error Handling