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Source for official Docker images of tsuru platforms.

All platforms are available in Docker Hub:

Installing platforms

In order to use one of the platforms provided here, you need to have tsuru-admin installed and run tsuru-admin platform-add:

% tsuru-admin platform-add <platform-name>

Prior to version 0.13.0, tsurud didn't accept prebuilt images in platform-add/platform-update, so in order to add a platform from this repository, you need to create a Dockerfile with a single line (FROM <image-name>).

Dockerfiles are provided in the basebuilder repository, so in order to add a platform, it's as simple as running tsuru-admin platform-add. For example, for the Java platform:

% tsuru-admin platform-add java -d

Replace "java" with any other platform and you're good to go!

Creating new platforms

tsuru requires only a single executable for platforms: /var/lib/tsuru/deploy. It also expects the deploy-agent to be installed. This script will receive two parameters: the deployment type (which is always "archive" in latest release) and the URL for the archive.

We provide a base image which platform developers can use to build upon: base-platform. This platform provides a base deployment script, which handles package downloading and extraction in proper path, along with operating system package management. For more details, check the README of base-platform.