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Test environment for Consul ACL based on Docker


How to use Docker containers

Start up containers.

$ docker-compose up -d
Starting consul-acl-playground_consul-server_1 ... done
Starting consul-acl-playground_consul-agent_1  ... done

To enter inside the launched container, execute the following command.

$ docker exec -it consul-acl-playground_consul-server_1 /bin/ash

To see the log of Consul agent, execute the following command.

$ docker logs -f consul-acl-playground_consul-server_1

Bootstrapping ACL

Execute the following command on the Consul servers.

/ # consul acl bootstrap
AccessorID:   8bd3c315-9155-57d7-a22f-451665f71154
SecretID:     4ec60a89-abaa-fda9-46c1-e6e174094a97
Description:  Bootstrap Token (Global Management)
Local:        false
Create Time:  2018-12-02 06:44:09.0256574 +0000 UTC
   00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001 - global-management

Then, you can run the consul command with token like below.

/ # consul members -token=4ec60a89-abaa-fda9-46c1-e6e174094a97
Node             Address           Status  Type    Build  Protocol  DC       Segment
consul-server-1  alive   server  1.4.0  2         test-dc  <all>
consul-agent-1  alive   client  1.4.0  2         test-dc  <default>