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add mapE, mapMS to simplify some Event definitions #9

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kfish commented Sep 15, 2012

This is untested, but it seemed there were some common patterns in the Event functions. I'm not entirely sure that mapE or mapMS are the best names (mapE is mapping the contents of the signals of an Event, and mapMS is a mapM on the signals). Also, this patch doesn't export the functions.

kfish added some commits Sep 15, 2012
@kfish kfish Event: add mapE, mapMS 98d77a7
@kfish kfish Event: list LANGUAGE pragmas one per line e11413d
@kfish kfish Event: remove unused MultiParamTypeClasses
Removing this gave no error, though perhaps it is
implied by FunctionalDependencies.

Tested-with: ghc-7.4.2
@kfish kfish Event: add mapMD, liftD
Use these to simplify some Discrete functions.
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