An app to search startup jobs scraped from websites written in Elixir, Phoenix, React and styled-components.
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Startup Job

Startup Job is a sample project to search startup jobs scraped from various websites written in Elixir/Phoenix(Backend) and React/Redux(Frontend).

This project is an umbrella project.

  • Customer app is for processing data and rendering contents.
  • Scraper app is for scraping data from websites.



I created this app to understand Elixir/OTP and get more familliar with React.

Main Technology Stack


  • Elixir 1.4+
  • Phoenix 1.3+
  • Node 7.0+
  • PostgreSQL 9.4+
  • Elasticsearch



  1. Get the repo.

     % git clone
  2. Install Elasticsearch in local environment.

    Mac OS

  3. Change username and password of PostgreSQL

    % vi apps/customer/config/dev.exs
  4. Setup your environment.

     % cd apps/customer
     % mix deps.get
     % mix ecto.setup
     % cd assets
     % npm install 
  5. Scrape data

     % cd ../../scraper         
     % mix deps.get 
     % iex -S mix
     % Scraper.Site.Accel.Show.perform("http://google/com", "Test", "Software engineer", "San Francisco, CA, US", :test)
     % Scraper.Site.A16z.Show.perform("http://google/com", "Sample", "Senior software engineer", "Seattle, WA, US", :test)
     % Scraper.Site.Sequoia.Show.perform("http://google/com", :test)
     % Customer.Builder.EsReindex.perform  
  6. Create a new OAuth account(URL) (Optional. Google OAuth account is needed to login and logout)

     1. Click `Create credentials` and Choose OAuth client ID
     2. Select Web Application and Set Authorizedredirect URIs as `http://localhost:4000/auth/google/callback`
     3. Set Client ID, Client secret and Authorized redirect URI of your OAuth account in apps/customer/config/dev.exs
  7. Run customer application.

     % cd ../customer
     % mix phx.server
  8. Verify that the app is up and running.

     % open http://localhost:4000


  1. Make Selenium work in background in server.
  2. Enable users to download their favorite jobs in csv.
  3. Synchronize favorite jobs with Google Sheets.


The project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


Please create an issue.