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Hello All,

Introducing my free, open-source Intention Repeater. It repeats your intention 1+ Million times per second. So, if you use “I am calm” for instance, it will most likely calm you if you are open minded and energy sensitive. It works with what's called a Servitor (programmed intelligent energy) 2000+ hours/20 years in co-creation with 100’s of other entities. It can be used for affirmations, or to charge up objects. See the PDF in this project for info on how to charge up an object. The Servitor in this case is the black hole system HR 6819.

You probably want

Note, when available, use the C++ files, as they are the most up to date and superseed the Python versions.

On 64-bit (for g++): MingW-W64-builds:

On 32-bit, or if you only have 4GB of RAM (for g++):

I placed this into open source in order that it might be developed and improved upon.

Instructions for automating in v6.0+ are at:

The Intensity determines how many 0's are in the number of iterations per second, minus one. So Intensity of 1 would be one iteration per second. Intensity of 7 would be 1 million iterations per second, depending on the hardware. If your hardware can't do 10 million iterations per second, then Intensity of 8 would be full power after one million iterations per second.

Start with an Intensity of 7 and run until it feels like enough. You may want to stay under 2 hours per day at first.

Sample intentions are:

My heart is filled with Love.

I am calm and confident.

My dogs are healed.

My chakras are balanced.

I am filled with orgasmic bliss.

You can run an intention file (with many intentions) by running the filename, such as: sample_intentions.txt

You can charge up an image, like so: Picture1.jpg is perfectly and euphorically healed.

That last one allows images to be used just from the name of the file, if it is in the same folder as the .py file. Just substitute with the name of your image.

Feel free to play around with this software, and add to the project if you are able.

There are no guarantees. Though this program produces a strong energy field, and can produce profound bliss.

Thank You.

On Linux/MacOS, run using: python3 On Windows: double click on the icon.

You will need minimum version 3.5.3 of Python for the .py files.

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