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Intention Repeater Max

For help: intention_repeater_max.exe --help

Written in C++, this is the successor to the original Intention Repeater, written in Python.

The code, and the Servitor, were created by Anthro Teacher, aka Thomas Sweet.

It repeats your intention up to 10+EHz, to make things happen. is a voice-activated interface for intention_repeater_max.exe You will need requirements.txt and run in an administrator terminal: pip install -r requirements.txt

You probably want Intention_Repeater_MAX.cpp if you are on Linux, and Intention_Repeater_MAX.exe if you are on Windows.

To compile your code: g++ -O3 -Wall -static intention_repeater_max.cpp -o intention_repeater_max.exe -lz

v5.10 .cpp requires picosha2.h and zlib.h

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