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To reach the author you can email me at tony.sweets at gmail dot com
Quick Maven Instructions:

Simple Compile: mvn compile

Deploy to included Jetty Server: mvn jetty:run

Open Web Browser to http://localhost:8080

This is a showcase application that I use to start new projects. I take what I need and bootstrap new development.
This is a Spring based Web Application using modern frameworks like JPA, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery, and most Spring
Frameworks. Here's a sample list of Technologies used:

- Spring Framework
- Spring Data
- Twitter Bootstrap
- Maven Build/Deploy
- Apache Tiles
- Hibernate JPA
- Spring Security
- Spring MVC
- Spring Web Flow
- LogBack
- Velocity Templated Emails
- Some other cool things

This showcase is meant to be self contained. All the is needed to run it is Java 6+ and Maven Installed. If you are on
a Mac then there is no issues, everything you need to run is there. From a working directory, do a

git clone https://github.com/tsweets/MrPickles.git

cd MrPickles

mvn jetty:run

Then open your browser to http://localhost:8080 and enjoy

To Run the Selenium Tests run
mvn integration-test