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Docker container that implements a very basic npm cache via nginx as outlined by this post from Yammer.


Grab a copy of this from hub:

docker pull tswicegood/npm-cache

You must provide a PORT environment variable when running this. You should map that port to the container's port 80 via -p. For example, if you want to use port 8080, you can do this:

export PORT=8080
docker run -d -e PORT=$PORT -p $PORT:80 tswicegood/npm-cache

Next you need to adjust npm to use this as your registry. If you're on boot2docker with a host IP address of, you need to adjust your config like this:

npm config set registry

Configuring host

You can configure the host name using -e HOST=<your host> to run this from. For example, to run it on port 8080 of, you can run it like this:

export PORT=8080
docker run -d -e HOST=$HOST -e PORT=$PORT -p $PORT:80 tswicegood/npm-cache

Have fun!