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import os
import stat
from StringIO import StringIO
from types import StringTypes
import paramiko as ssh
class FakeFile(StringIO):
def __init__(self, value=None, path=None):
init = lambda x: StringIO.__init__(self, x)
if value is None:
ftype = 'dir'
size = 4096
ftype = 'file'
size = len(value)
attr = ssh.SFTPAttributes()
attr.st_mode = {'file': stat.S_IFREG, 'dir': stat.S_IFDIR}[ftype]
attr.st_size = size
attr.filename = os.path.basename(path)
self.attributes = attr
def __str__(self):
return self.getvalue()
def write(self, value):
StringIO.write(self, value)
self.attributes.st_size = len(self.getvalue())
def close(self):
Always hold fake files open.
def __cmp__(self, other):
me = str(self) if isinstance(other, StringTypes) else self
return cmp(me, other)
class FakeFilesystem(dict):
def __init__(self, d=None):
# Replicate input dictionary using our custom __setitem__
d = d or {}
for key, value in d.iteritems():
self[key] = value
def __setitem__(self, key, value):
if isinstance(value, StringTypes) or value is None:
value = FakeFile(value, key)
super(FakeFilesystem, self).__setitem__(key, value)
def normalize(self, path):
Normalize relative paths.
In our case, the "home" directory is just the root, /.
I expect real servers do this as well but with the user's home
if not path.startswith(os.path.sep):
path = os.path.join(os.path.sep, path)
return path
def __getitem__(self, key):
return super(FakeFilesystem, self).__getitem__(self.normalize(key))