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# This will pull down, run, and automatically deploy a nanoc directory
# Also it will scan the output directory and create a list of all of the .gif, .jpg and .png file
# Great for having those "memes" close at hand when you need them
# It's best to be run as a git post-recive hook on a server that you push to
# It will output it's progress to the remote git, so you get cool heroku-esq push messages.
# Set these to something sane for your enviroment
#the rest works for me...
unset GIT_DIR
echo "Starting to push to production"
echo "Get updates"
git pull -v
cd output
echo "generate a new gitlister.html file"
files=`find . -name "*.gif" -o -name "*.jpg" -o -name "*.png"`
rm ./giflister.html
touch ./giflister.html
for f in $files; do (
echo "<li><a href='./$f'>$f</a></li>" >> $output
echo "sort the file"
sort giflister.html -o giflister.html
echo "copy stuff over, and set the permissions correctly"
#Might need sudo here, or not. In fact, depending on your set up, might not even need this at all!
echo "done!"