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Basic C# wrapper for FFTW. It currently uses the v3.3.5 (2016-07-31) 32-bit DLLs of FFTW. You can get the latest version from the FFTW's download page: http://fftw.org/install/windows.html


  • Unmanaged function calls to main FFTW functions for both single and double precision
  • Basic managed wrappers for FFTW plans and unmanaged arrays
  • Test program that demonstrates basic functionality


  • Most of this was written in 2005
  • Slightly updated since to get it running with Visual Studio Express 2010
  • If you have a question about FFTW, ask the FFTW people, and not me. I did not write FFTW.
  • If you have a question about this wrapper, probably still don't ask me, since I wrote it almost a decade ago.