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Sample application built with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, MongoDB

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Node Cellar Sample Application with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

"Node Cellar" is a sample CRUD application built with with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.

The application allows you to browse through a list of wines, as well as add, update, and delete wines.

This application is further documented here.

The application is also hosted online. You can test it here.

To run the application on your own Heroku account:

  1. Install the Heroku Toolbelt

  2. Sign up for a Heroku account

  3. Login to Heroku from the heroku CLI:

    $ heroku login
  4. Create a new app on Heroku:

    $ heroku create
  5. Add the MongoLab Heroku Add-on

    $ heroku addons:add mongolab
  6. Upload the app to Heroku:

    $ git push heroku master
  7. Open the app in your browser:

    $ heroku open
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