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I started developing this software, Fall of 2016, to provide a method to control my friend's robotic arm/hand. Our project, the development of an intelligent and dextrous robotic arm, is a year into development, with many iterations througout the models and code. This project started as a simple open and close function and has developed into a precise method to mimic the user's finger movements (angle of bend) and wrist orientation.

Robotic/Prosthetic Hand Models

The robotic/prosthetic hand 3-D modeled and designed from scratch by, my friend, Ryan Gross:


Leap Motion Controlling Robotic Hand Assembly of 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand


To utilize this software, you must have:

  1. Install the Processing Development Environment (PDE); install the Leap Motion Java SDK and Arduino libraries in the PDE. - Guide for installing Leap Motion Java SDK to Processing - Guide for installing Arduino libraries to the PDE

  2. Install Arduino IDE and upload the example sketch "StandardFirmata" located in Examples > Firmata to the Arduino Board

  3. Run the robotic-arm-software, "hand-mimic.pde".


Configure the servo pin numbers to match your pins

//Opposable Thumb
int opposableServo = 0;
int thumbServo = 7;
int indexServo = 4;
int middleServo = 5;
//Ring and Pinky
int ringpinkyServo = 6;
int wristServo = 13;

Depending on the orientation of the servos in the forearm of the prosthetic/robotic arm, you may have to configure the values for the servos; 0 - 180 or 180 - 0

Example of the Index Finger:

//Metacarpal Bone; Get the direction
Vector indexMetacarpalVector  =  finger.bone(Bone.Type.TYPE_METACARPAL).basis().getZBasis();

//Distal Bone; Get the direction
Vector indexDistalVector  =  finger.bone(Bone.Type.TYPE_DISTAL).basis().getZBasis();

//Calculate the angle bewteen the metacarpal and distal bone; convert to degrees.
float indexAngle  =  indexMetacarpalVector.angleTo(indexDistalVector) * 180/PI;

/* This snippet reverses the values from 0 - 180, to 180 - 0
//Set float to value 180
float indexRatio = 180;

//Subract 180 from raw angle value to get value 180 to 0
indexRatio -= indexAngle;

//arduino.servoWrite doesn't support float, so convert and round to integer
int indexAngleFinal = (int) indexAngle;

//Print to console, the index final angle value
println("INDEX: ", indexAngleFinal);

//Write to the servo, the index final angle value
arduino.servoWrite(indexServo, indexAngleFinal);  

Use printArray(Serial.list()); to list all available serial ports.

Configure the serial port, if needed:

arduino = new Arduino(this, Arduino.list()[0], 57600);



Copyright (c) 2017 Thomas Anderson

Licensed Under MIT.

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