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SALMON has a FDTD functionality to solve electromagnetic problems. This program, FDTD_make_shape, is a tool to make shapes for the FDTD calculation in the format of the input file of SALMON.



  • Python 3
  • NumPy

If you are windows user who uses python for the first time, I recommend to install WinPython that includes all requirements for this program.

Usage is an executable file. shape.inp is an input file. and shape.inp must be in the same directory. When you use WinPython, open by Spyder.exe that is included in WinPython, and push F5 key.

The input parameters are as follows:

  • al_em(3)
    Size of simulation box in electromagnetic analysis. This must match the input keyword in SALMON.

  • dl_em(3)
    Spacing of real-space grids in electromagnetic analysis. This must match the input keyword in SALMON.

  • yn_periodic
    Periodic boundary condition. 'n' is for isolated systems, and 'y' is for periodic systems. Note that the coordinate system ranges from -al_em/2 to al_em/2 for yn_periodic='n' while ranges from 0 to al_em for yn_periodic='y'. Default is 'n'.

  • output
    Type of output file. 'cube' and 'mp' can be chosen. If 'cube', the output file can be drawn by ParaView(Usage: Open the cube file by ParaView→click:Molecule→Apply→Gridded Data→Representation→Volume) in which al_em is used in atomic units. However, at this time(2018/11/27), ParaView cannot well draw for cuboid mesh(cubic mesh is no problem). Default is 'cube'.

  • n_s
    Number of shape-templates. Maximum is 200.

  • yn_copy_x, yn_copy_y, yn_copy_z
    When a part of shape-template penetrates to the outer side of the unit-cell, copy of the penetrating part is automatically generated into the unit cell for each axis. yn_copy_x='y', yn_copy_y='y', yn_copy_z='y' are executed for x, y, z axes, respectively(See example 10). Default is 'n'.

  • rot_type
    Type of rotation for shape-template. 'radian' and 'degree' can be chosen. Default is 'radian'.

  • typ_s(x)
    Type of x-th shape-template. Maximum of x is n_s. 'ellipsoid', 'half-ellipsoid', 'elliptic-cylinder', 'triangular-cylinder', 'rectangular-cylinder', 'elliptic-cone', 'triangular-cone', 'rectangular-cone', and 'elliptic-ring' can be chosen.

  • id_s(x)
    ID number of x-th shape-template. This ID number must match the index of the input parameter in SALMON(e.g. epsilon_em, mu_em, and sigma_em).

  • inf_s(x,:)
    Information of x-th shape-template. This depends on typ_s. See shape-template_manual.pdf in detail.

  • ori_s(x,3)
    Origin of x-th shape-template. Default is 0.0d0, 0.0d0, 0.0d0.

  • rot_s(x,3)
    Rotation angle of x-th shape-template. Rotation axes of rot_s(x,1:3) correspond to x-, y-, and z-axes, respectively. Priorities for rotation axes are x-, y-, and z-axes. Default is 0.0d0, 0.0d0, 0.0d0.

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