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golang port of Google's libphonenumber
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golang port of Google's libphonenumber


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This library is fully stable and is used in production by several companies.


Super simple to use.

To get a phone number

num, err := libphonenumber.Parse("6502530000", "US")

To format a number

// num is a *libphonenumber.PhoneNumber
formattedNum := libphonenumber.Format(num, libphonenumber.NATIONAL)

To get the area code of a number

// Parse the number.
num, err := libphonenumber.Parse("1234567890", "US")
if err != nil {
        // Handle error appropriately.

// Get the cleaned number and the length of the area code.
natSigNumber := libphonenumber.GetNationalSignificantNumber(num)
geoCodeLength := libphonenumber.GetLengthOfGeographicalAreaCode(num)

// Extract the area code.
areaCode := ""
if geoCodeLength > 0 {
        areaCode = natSigNumber[0:geoCodeLength]
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