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These are my dotfiles.

To install, clone this repository into your home directory and run make:

$ git clone ~/.dotfiles
$ make -C ~/.dotfiles


Dotfiles are grouped topically into different sub-directories. Each sub-directory contains contains a rules.mak file which is included from the top-level Makefile.

These rules.mak files specify a list of $INSTALL_PAIRS, where each tuple represents the source and destination location. When you run make, the top-level Makefile guesses how to sync between the source and destination, by either running cp -pr or rsync -a.


To install these dotfiles, run make. There are a couple of build-time options:

  • MACOS: if defined, installs macOS-specific configuration, such as Homebrew, Alacritty, skhd, and yabai. If undefined, this value is inferred based on the output of uname -s.
  • BREW: if defined, installs the Homebrew packages listed in brew/Brewfile. Must be used in conjunction with MACOS=YesPlease.
  • NO_MUTT: if defined, does not install mutt or related configuration.