Gladder is a WebGL wrapper library written in CoffeeScript, compiling down to pure JavaScript.
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What is Gladder?

Gladder is a WebGL framework, written in CoffeeScript, compiling down to pure JavaScript.

Gladder is...

  • ... opaque. It does not expose WebGL, but rather aims to wrap it in a straightforward way.
  • ... thin. Many Gladder classes are direct equivalents of WebGL constructs.
  • ... light. It has no dependencies, other than WebGL itself.
  • ... flexible. It tries to make as few assumptions about your application as possible.
  • ... unobtrusive. It does not change default behaviour of anything.
  • ... cross-browser. It abstracts away browser differences.

Gladder is not...

  • ... a scene graph. You can build your own on top of it, if you like.
  • ... a 3D library. It does not know anything about model loading, for example.
  • ... a game engine. You'll have to write your own input handling, sound, physics, etcetera.