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.PHONY: all clean
all: rugscriptie-example.pdf
rm -f georgia.*pk georgia.afm georgia.tfm *.aux *.log *.toc rugscriptie-manual.pdf rugscriptie-example.pdf
rm -f *~ *.backup georgia.ttf georgia.afm georgia.tfm t1georgia.fd rugscriptie-manual.tex rugscriptie-manual.pdf rugscriptie.sty ruglogos
zip -r $^
rugscriptie-manual.pdf: rugscriptie-manual.tex rugscriptie.sty
pdflatex $<
pdflatex $<
rugscriptie-example.pdf: rugscriptie-example.tex rugscriptie.sty
pdflatex $<
rugscriptie.sty: georgia.ttf georgia.afm georgia.tfm t1georgia.fd
# Based on instructions from
# Input file: georgia.ttf (from MS core fonts)
# Input file: T1-WGL4.enc (from texmf/font/enc/ttf2pk/base, no need to copy it if TeX can find it)
# Input file: t1georgia.fd (hand-written, needed by LaTeX but not by this Makefile)
georgia.afm: georgia.ttf
ttf2afm -e T1-WGL4.enc -o $@ $<
georgia.tfm: georgia.afm
afm2tfm $< -T T1-WGL4.enc $@
echo "georgia georgia.ttf Encoding=T1-WGL4.enc" > $@
# Unmaintained, broken stuff for non-PDF fonts. ecgeorgia.vpl recgeorgia.tfm:
# ttf2tfm Georgia.ttf -q -T T1-WGL4.enc -v ecgeorgia.vpl recgeorgia.tfm >
# vptovf ecgeorgia.vpl ecgeorgia.vf ecgeorgia.tfm
# ttf2pk -q ecgeorgia 600
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