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Show all notes in the note tree (Emacs frontend.)

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1 parent 807df2e commit 49a070233783b02b663ebb926a79d5e25824113d @nominolo nominolo committed Apr 8, 2009
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@@ -1810,8 +1810,8 @@ The overlay has several properties:
(let ((alist (list (cons :error errs)
(cons :warning warns))))
- (loop for (severity . notes) in alist
- collect (scion-tree-for-severity severity notes nil)))))
+ (loop for (severity . sev-notes) in alist
+ collect (scion-tree-for-severity severity sev-notes nil)))))
(defun scion-tree-for-severity (severity notes collapsed-p)
(make-scion-tree :item (format "%s (%d)"

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