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@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ Installation
Scion requires [GHC 6.10.1][ghc] or later. All other dependencies
should be on [Hackage][hackage] and can be installed using
+[cabal-install][ci] in the lib directory:
- $ cd dir/to/scion
+ $ cd dir/to/scion/lib
$ cabal install
Scion supports various configuration flags which are useful when
@@ -41,31 +41,28 @@ Since Scion is a library, you should consult the haddock documentation
for how to use it. However, you may look at the Emacs frontend for
-The Emacs frontend is implemented as a Haskell server
+The Emacs frontend is implemented as a Haskell server. The server is a
+separate package, scion-server, which depends on the main scion package.
-Install Scion with Emacs support, either via
+Install Scion with Emacs support:
- $ cabal install scion -femacs
-or, if you have a locally copy of Scion
- $ cd <scion>
- $ cabal install -femacs
+ $ cd dir/to/scion/server
+ $ cabal install
-You'll end up with a binary called "emacs-server".
+You'll end up with a binary called "scion_server".
- $ ./.cabal/bin/emacs_server
+ $ ~/.cabal/bin/scion_server
Add the following to your emacs configuration (typically "~/.emacs"):
(add-to-list 'load-path "<scion>/emacs")
(require 'scion)
;; if ./cabal/bin is not in your $PATH
- (setq scion-program "~/.cabal/bin/emacs_server")
+ (setq scion-program "~/.cabal/bin/scion_server")
(defun my-haskell-hook ()
;; Whenever we open a file in Haskell mode, also activate Scion

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