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Allow 'q' to close the compilation notes buffer.

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nominolo committed Apr 19, 2009
1 parent aa6877c commit 8d3bcb0b5289b01d20dc9541565f06cf914c9a93
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@@ -1731,7 +1731,8 @@ The overlay has several properties:
(scion-define-keys scion-compiler-notes-mode-map
((kbd "RET") 'scion-compiler-notes-default-action-or-show-details)
([return] 'scion-compiler-notes-default-action-or-show-details)
- ([mouse-2] 'scion-compiler-notes-default-action-or-show-details/mouse))
+ ([mouse-2] 'scion-compiler-notes-default-action-or-show-details/mouse)
+ ((kbd "q") 'scion-popup-buffer-quit-function))
(defun scion-compiler-notes-default-action-or-show-details/mouse (event)
"Invoke the action pointed at by the mouse, or show details."

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