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A Python script to migrate projects from SourceForge to GitHub; currently very immature and incomplete.
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sf2github README

sf2github is a Python program that reads an XML export from a SourceForge project and pushes this data to GitHub via its REST API.

The script is currently very incomplete and barely tested. If it works for you, great; if not, fix it up and send me a pull request! Currently, only migration of tracker issues is partly implemented, and there's little error handling.

Also note that the GitHub API is quite slow, taking about 5 seconds per request on my machine and internet connection. Migration of a large project will take a while.

Issue migration

What works (for me):

  • SF tracker issues become GitHub tracker issues.
  • Comments on SF become comments in GitHub.
  • Groups and categories on SF both become labels on GitHub.
  • Issues with a status that is exactly the text "Closed" or "Deleted" will be closed on GitHub.
  • Items from trackers with the default names "Bug", "Feature Request", "Patch" and "Tech Support" will receive default prefixes in their title (see the code). For trackers with other names, the user will be prompted.


  • All issues and comments will be owned by the project's owner on GitHub, but mention the SF username of the original submitter.
  • Creation times will be the date of the import, not the creation time from SourceForge.
  • There's some rubbish in the comment text sometimes (Logged In, user_id, Originator) but this is in the SF XML export.

Code migration

This script doesn't help you to migrate code from SF's Subversion to GitHub. However, I found the following page helpful in doing that:


sf2github depends on the BeautifulSoup and the requests modules. If you don't have them, install them first.

From SourceForge, you need to export the tracker data in XML. Read here for instructions.

Run the script and it will print further instructions. Basically, if your SF XML export is in foo.xml, your GitHub username is john and your repository is bar:

./ foo.xml john/bar


This software is in the public domain. I accept no responsibility for any damage resulting from it. Use at your own risk.

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